How come there are no women here?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ET873, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. ET873


    I look around on this forum and all I see are men like myself. How come more women are not interested in trading?
  2. zdreg


    why do you care?
  3. Scottrade's Community forum has plenty of women - probably former and.current career women.

    I care about women because I happen to like them. :p
  4. Are you 12 year old ?
    WOMEN ARE NOT INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY, ONLY IN SPENDING IT ! (asian women being somewhat different) That's why 90 % of the few women trader you'll hear about fell into the job by chance
  5. they could be asian...
  6. You pigs nerd to stop fooling yerselves. Making money lmaof!!
    Most of you lose money. Facing reality is the first step in recovery
  7. leela


    I was in a trading chat room. I didn't realize the large number of women there until one day they system show their real names.

    Last week, I attended an Online Trading Academy free promotional workshop. About half of the 300 or so in the audience were women.
  8. So leela, where's this trading chat room half-filled with women?
  9. there are a few. Very very few and even them will eventually lose as rules change in market. Us women know not starting or just hobby trading is the best wAy. Thanks
  10. I betcha you can't name one who did it withot being wealthhy first having another big sourse of extra income or opm. Rag to riches in trading is a myth
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