how come the europeans never invent anything?

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  1. It seems the EU economy is poor because of high taxes?

    Microsoft, US
    Intel US
    Apple US

    It seems that high tech is US.

    Nothing new comes from europe it seems.
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    prob more cultural, usa is more casino culture Europeans have less delusions about getting rich, except those that bought "AAA" mortgages :)
  3. LOL. Are you serious? Europeans are extremely innovative, but they lack at marketing and pushing products down people's throats; the US is still #1 at that, but we'll see for how long.

    Also, nice sample you got there.
  4. Really? I think you ought look a little closer at Germany. Siemens.

    You point is accurate though in that the US is the best country, among 1st world, for starting/owning a business.

    Europe is much better if you are an employee.

    Post Edit: Europe is becoming more business friendly esp. the FSU, former Soviet Union. Flat tax in many of them.
  5. you are only ware of american companies because you live in america. what about siemans, ericson, sap etc.
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    US long-term productivity growth is unmatched. Most just copy whatever the US invents, this is probably due a combination of US rule of law, being a competive market economy and a well developed financial system

    The US has high rates of investment even though the US savings rate is low(even after adding the savings imported from abroad), the efficiency of those investments in the US is quite high, this is probably due having a well developed financial system(Dont laugh, there is a crisis now but over the long-term the US financial system is efficient). Afterall its the financial system who fuels savings into investment and given that the long-term US productivity growth is the highest in the world, the banks and other conduits are doing something right in the long-run
  7. I heard in Europe young people need to live together in flats because housing is so expensive and they get small raises every year like 2% Unemployment is higher as well right?
  8. Hmmmm, let's see...

    Who discovered DNA and invented Viagra? Or is that UK doesn't count?

    Are you going to include Eastern Europeans also?
  9. LOL! You did not just write that!

    Yeah, that flat tax in Russia is fantastic (truly, not being sarcastic). The problem, of course, is when you have a great business, some folks show up at your door with "legal" documents that say they now own your business and you're on the street and there's nothing you can do about it.

    And don't try to BS me, because I have personally watched it happen to folks who had nice things going on.
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    You must be one of these new bread cavemen being chauffeured in a Maybach while updating your facebook on your Nokia smartphone and shopping for new car insurance.

    Also, don't forget that the USandA has also invented the couch potato and obese five year olds.
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