How come that Lunatoc Cramer says hes 62

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  1. when he was born on 2-10-1955
  2. Lunatic is right. We here in Australia can't believe he has a strong following up there in the US of A.

    I watched him froth at the mouth yell and spit on that Erin Burnett girl.

    Why do the producers allow this to occur? Why does she let him do this?

    Bizzare people.

    It's all really strange to us down here... we watch it as an anthropological excercise only, what our society must not allow itself to become.
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    you'd be funny if your envy wasn't so obvious.

    Alex in Oz. what a total douche. Tell me, what is the origin of your name-sake, "OZ"

    What a total douche.
  4. Envy, thats funny:D

    Your another one who was long the market I take it.
    Never mind dickhead, after it chews up and spits you out, the market will come back in about 3-7 years.
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    So... in your mind Cramer represents the entire US population? Statistically speaking, you need a larger sample. My woman won't allow me to yell and spit on her so I guess, statistically speaking, that would mean that only half the women in the US will put up with such behavior. Further, I don't watch Cramer at all and I am in the US so that means that only you are watching the guy!!

    The funny thing is, Cramer has a book in the libraries that is not that bad regarding following the business cycle.. and from a book, in the safe refuge of a library, he can't spit or rant loudly.. that is the only way I would want to give him access to my person, personally.
  6. So you Aussie's can have some entertainment besides screwing kangaroos?...:p
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    LOL version that's funny but we're diverging from the topic. I don't think he is 62..