how come stocks go up today.

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  1. unemployment worse, sears bad news? should I start shorting now or wait for friday?
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    Probably up because asia markets were higher last night.
  3. Yeah but asia is doing good because people have jobs there. that means nothing to us since we do not export to asia.
  4. Numbers don't matter, only how the big boys REACT to them that matters (for short term trading).

  5. volume is low I think I will short and wait for monday to cover.
  6. how don't we export to asia?

    look at government borrowing

    we export dollars

    till idiots take dollars US will be fine
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    IF you were long, would you care why it's up?
  8. sure

    if it's not perpetual bull market and hyperinflation you need to know when to exit and take profit

    so you need to analyze the market
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    some big fund hire goldman and PPT to keep their ponzi scheme going.

    ponzi schemes only work if price is going up.

    I can't believe that the CIA hire some private guns for hire to kill...

    this is the kind of stuff that happens.

    US is becoming a gov't police state or military state.

    it's economy heading the path towards post 1929 Germany. high debt that it can never pay, high employment 15%, and now FED printing money eventually making it's currency worthless thus destroying savings and the consumer economy

    the only growth industry in the US is the military and army.

    the problems that lead to the crash last year hasn't gone away.

    now it's worse with US dollar possible collapse leading to massive capital out of US markets.

    retail investors are broke.
    hedge funds are closing down.
    now the US gov't and state gov't are broke.

    the FED can print all the money it wants to create an temporary illusion of wealth. it's short term gain long term pain for the economy and the future.

    japan's market is in long term pain,,the gov't in japan didn't allow banks to fail like it should.

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    I learned a long time ago to trade what you see and not to trade what the market "is supposed to do".
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