How come people on ET are so materialistic?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmarket, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Just something I noticed recently...lot's of people wishing they had a Ferrari or a yacht.

    Please someone tell me why this is so important that you would even bother mentioning it in a public forum such as this.

  2. Aren't you materialistic? What a funny thread.
  3. your excellent research on stocks is overshadowed by being such a complete and total retard "mr hot or not" what a queer
  4. No..not at all. Please explain your question.
  5. what's wrong with

    i had a pic on there once and got 9.9. :D
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  6. My idea of a stereotypical trader is a consumer deluxe with avarice. I would guess that most traders are materialistic.
  7. Why would someone mention their education, their bicep size, the number of winning trades....

    Lots of people wishing they were Mr. Universe eating meat and cheese and staring at themselves in a mirror too....


  8. From my observations about people there are three categories in regards to materialism.

    1) Those who could care less
    2) Those who want materialistic things but will aways see them as a dream and therefore will not try to achive the success required.
    3) Those who want what those in category 2 want and decide to take it.

    I know people in all three categories.

    The majority of them are in category 2 and remain there because they are either told or assume that they could never have the requisite amount of wealth to affod the Ferraris or yachts that they desire. Many that I know are very intelligent and couls succeed beyond their wildest imaginations but are to afraid to take the risk.

    Those in category 1 are generally the least productive people that I know and are just happy to work at McDonalds or something similar.

    For those in category 3, they are generally more receptive to taking risks and are generally more productive than those in category 1 and 2. They generally do not have an employee attitude adn do not have a proble going against the social norm to get what they want.

    As for why so many are on ET. I believe that traders at least the successfull ones in general are different than most normal perole in that they are comfortable or content to take risks, they are very productive with their time, and are highly independant. Now not everone on ET is a successfull trader and I would venture tosay that many are really in category 2.

    On a more practical side, which would you rather drive, a Honda civic or a Ferrari. For most on here thats a no brainer.
  9. Because is funny, narcissistic, proud, elitist and probably insecure too, as we all are.
  10. I like your categories, fairly accurate generaliztions. You should expand on this and create an entire system. I'd read it.

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