How come nobody gave us 710 billion dollars for 9/11?

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    I read this today about Bush giving 1 billion dollars to Georgia for their exhausting 1 week war with Russia. Georgia revenues are only 3.6 billion per year, so in essence we are giving them 27.77% of their revenue. (Their GDP is only 20 billion)

    Now to see the scale of this, imagine if someone gave us 27.77% of our revenue for 9/11. That would equate to about 710 billion dollars.

    Do people in politics ever look at numbers like this, or do they just say "Oh 1 billion sounds like a nice good round number."?
  2. somebody did. Don't you look at the M3?
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    Well, the deail is Georgia take the money and it will do our bidding...:)

    I don't think US want to do anyone's bidding.
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    ... can you expand on this...
  5. This asshole bush wasting our freakin money. We gotta pay for the countries we destroy, we gotta pay for the countries that others destroy, and then we ask why is our economy in shit. Doesn't anyone oppose these things??????????
  6. Yeah, it's data about the growth of the monetary supply, and it goes up against the new IS-F and the Cadillac CTS-V in this month's Car and Driver magazine!
  7. for just 1B, US can build military bases right next to Russia. the money is not for nothing.
  8. That $1B will pay for itself real quick, it's much overdue, oil man (bush) trying to make sure oil pipe from Baku (Azerbajain) keeps running through Georgia to the Black sea so it can imported quickly without any interaptions....or else how are we supposed to fuel our SUVs?
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    To paraphrase Everrett Dirkson(sp?)
    A billion here and a billion there and soon you are talking about real money.

  10. Thank you.

    When we only have 3% of reserves yet we use 25% of the oil, of COURSE we have interests abroad.

    Do you think its a coincidence that our military is in the most oil rich region of the country, for no good reason, and oil goes up 100% in a year, for no reason we can see. Do you think those 2 have nothing to do with each other? Come on. Everyone likes to hate Bush etc etc, try to see the bigger picture.

    Bush might turn out to be a F'n hero.
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