How come my bad NinjaTrader review got deleted?

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  1. Interesting... someone deleted my bad NT review... sponsorship agreements perhaps... in any case, this software is buggy, a cpu hogg and the ATM bugs can damage your account...

    Not to say NT7 is an UI nightmare... if there's anything such as usability or standards the NT team has not heard of... you will do things with the right-click that you've never done before in any Windows or Mac software...

  2. risky63


    did you use the software w/ real money and take a loss because of the bugs?
  3. maxpi


    All the ninjas have been sort of horked up, why expect the latest one to differ from that?

    Last time I used them [NT6] they "couldn't backfill an intraday chart from IB because of IB's server policies".. other software does it great though. I use other software. Life is not very complicated for me.
  4. Yes, absolutely... misbehavior of the ATM order system in one of the situations ... wrong chart loading in another situation, meaning, the program loaded the data incorrectly and I only realized it once I compared it with eSignal...
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    Your post below, can I just be clear, was this an NT 7 review or was it NT 6.5?

    Either way I'd be interested to see what you said - any chance you can post it in the reply to thread?


  6. Jimmy ... what I said was similar to my post above and yes, it applies to NT7 as well... most people who have not tried NT7 yet think they will be blown away by it... aside from fixing NT 6.5 it's nothing really that will blow your head off... it's faster to initialize and the backtesting started to work a little better (or actually work as opposed to NT 6.5 which didn't)... the ATM is the same, trade from the charts is the same and charts are a tiny bit faster then the previous version...

    IMHO, not worth the money if you are thinking about purchasing a LT license like I did...
  7. risky63


    was it an erronous trade(order you never placed or was it a bad exit or stop out in atm?
  8. Simple...they are a sponsor on this site...

    Another thread was removed when I mentioned that the vendors' scam uses NT sim account for trading FREE (wow) but they never tell the potential subscriber they had to pay for real time trading on the platform ;either the licence or monthly fee.

    The phantom trading vendor...SchoolofTrade/ James Wave

  9. Don't know what issues you have had, as I use it with Trading Technologies feed, but for me it has worked better than anything I've used other than TT's XTader. I hope they correct the issue in the Market Analyzer with Net Change since the CME changed their data, but I can live with that minor problem for the savings over X- Trader. Contac them via their forums. They have been pretty good with responses when I have had questions.
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    I've used NT 6.5 in combination with IB TWS for 5 months and may have come across a couple of bugs, but no show stoppers. Worst case I have yet to figure out why the ATM will change to a setup for a different instrument or default to "none" sometimes when switching accounts from real-time paper to live trading. In the heat of the moment I still sometimes manage to launch a trade with no strategy attached. I probably won't chat with support until I reread the manual and test that feature explicitly to decide for sure whether it's simply "non-intuitive" or an actual bug.

    Also discovered it's probably a good idea to restart NT before live trading if you've been up all night back testing or replay paper trading, otherwise there may be occasional issues communicating with TWS, including the dreaded "exceeded IB policy" message (which I've learned to ignore).

    Other than that lets me chart trade with a few mouse clicks, roll my own indicators & strategies and make money...everything I bought it for :)
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