How come IB time and sales is often incorrect? Any fix?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Kaga, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Kaga


    The time and sales window in TWS often displays prices that fluctuate as they should, but are shifted away from the actual price range by, what it seems, a constant off-set. (Curiously, the top most price displayed is correct, but the value added to the tape is then off-set.) I have seen mild off-sets such as consistently 10c above or below the actual price. And I have seen insane off-sets, such that the time and sales on a $4 stock was actually fluctuating somewhere around zero, even going into the negative.

    This is very surprising to me, especially considering that trade execution history is supposed to be a regulated standardized feed.

    Does anyone else experience this problem with IB data feed? If so, is there any way to fix that offset and have actually consistently precise data?
  2. Justrade


    I dont know about the offset thing but IB time and sales suck...
    I was trying to replicate time and sales quotes like another platform I used to trade...
    example: if offers are being lifted to show green prints and if bids are being hit to show as red
    However, IB cant display this correctly
  3. Justrade


    Also having trouble with booktrader updating quotes
    mkt trading at xxx.65 and the booktrader is sitting below like xxx.50
  4. Kaga


    Today the time and sales on a 7 dollar stock was showing numbers of several millions. And not just the stock price multiplied by 10^6 -- completely random numbers. IB time and sales is a joke.
  5. If they would fix the bugs in "normal features"-- time&sales and charting it would be great... but then commissions might increase:D
  6. Kaga


    They have a team of software engineers on constant payroll, who are supposed to make gradual improvements to TWS. It's not that IB does not try to improve, it's just that apparently they hired guys who suck at their job.
  7. El_Cubano


    Like I told someone in a post the other day...I dont know what they're doing. Every day I see a new update downloaded and theres nothing new or improved. There a million little quality of life things they could quickly do to make a lot of people happy. But they just dont listen. They're Suggested features poll/forum section on their site is a joke
  8. :thumbsup:

    I just ask for a functional time & sales windows plus working charts (that includes candles and volume bars :caution:).
  9. I am experiencing the same issue with them. Looking for a solution myself.