How come I can date 16 year girl in Canada and theres nothing Americans and bush can

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, May 9, 2006.

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  1. How come in Canada my girlfriend can be 16 or even 14 and there is nothing president bush or any american can do about it?
  2. lol I wanted to ask this question b/c I watched on nbc you guys arrested a 20 year old for dating a 16 year old. and you had some woman arrested for dating a 15 year old. My girlfriend is now 17, and I dated her when she was 16. Im 28. LOL but there is nothing americans do about it. The age of consent in Canada is 14 :D.....LOL nah nah nah what can americans do about it :D and were both canadian citizens, so nah nah :D

  3. You must be a real fucking loser to date a 16 year old when you're 27. Fucking pedophile.
  4. lol what can you do about it. In canada, a soverign country, the legal age of consent if 14. So what can you honestly do :D lol........I love americans. they cant do anything about our legal downloading of movies and music, and they cant do anything about who we date :D

  5. and speaking about america, your old enought to join the army and kill somebody, but you arent old enought to drink a beer. You are old enought to own a gun like when you are 5, but you cant drink a beer when you are 18. What kind of insane nation are you guys :D

  6. ElCubano


    28 dating a 16 year guys probably have alot in common and much to talk about... :D
  7. and what about healthcare? You have millions of people in your country without any healthcare coverage. You have people dying, b/c they cant get cancer treatment. You have entire families losing homes b/c they spent their entire life savings and then some on healthcare. What a nation. They can afford to spend trillion dollers trying to get iraq some healthcare, and pay for haliburtan crazy schemes to defraud the government, but you guys say you cant afford universal healthcare :D

  8. In Canada mahrram's also allowed to marry his boyfriend.
  9. lol thats right if I choose how come I can marry 16 your old guy :D and there is nothing you and the conservatives in crazy america can do about it. Nothing. Nah nah. Your attorney generals are powerless. We are a free and soverign nation. God bless canada. The home of the brave and free :D

  10. This is good information to know. We should start dropping our pedophiles off at the Canadian border and telling them they can rot in jail or go to Canada. They can run amok legally up there with your consent age.

    The way you express yourself in this quote reinforces what I think of Canada by the way. I always viewed Canada's relationship to America like two brothers. Canada is the little brother who lives in the shadow of his older stronger brother that people respect and admire. The younger brother is insecure because he knows that his older brother is superior to him and that he needs to rely on his older brother for protection. Inside he hates himself because he knows he can never measure up. The older brother through no fault of his own is considered a bad guy for living a good life. Truly pathetic.
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