How come George Bush doesnt bomb Iran,they are farther ahead then Iraq in the WMD dep

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  1. I was just wondering,iran was farther ahead in development of nukes and wmd then iraq ever was. They have admitted to a nuclear program and enriching uranian. So why doesnt the US attack iran now?
  2. Good question. And don't forget North Korea. We went to war with the only member of the Axis of Evil that wasn't on the road to a bomb. At least we managed to install a radical Islamist government in Iraq (and afghanistan). They already had one in Iran.
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    Interesting timing of your question, APR 20;
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  4. Bomb what?
  5. the situations between the two are similar but not the same

    when we invaded IRAQ, we invaded a nation that had signed a ceasefire with very specific provisions (such as clear demonstration of destruction of their WMDs - which they did not clearly demonstrate regardless of whether they had them or not) pursuant to GWI

    their status was very different (not to mention UN resolution, and congressional authorization)

    our invasion of iraq in GW2 was in many effects an extension of GWI, since they were violating provisions that SH **signed** pursuant to the ceasefire/surrender

    regardlessof the justification or lack thereof of any actions towards IRAN, the situations are disanalogous in that regard
  6. Didn't Saddam send a 12 thousand page report to Bush and UN in December 2002 showing exactly that he had complied with destruction and no further development of WMD's?
    Didn't the previous weapons inspector Ritter confirm the same, didn't the new one Blixx confirm the same? and ultimately Bush's own assigned inspector came back empty handed?
    Didn't even Bush Rummy and Chenny finaly admit that Saddam didnot have any WMD's, ofc that was after we attacked them.

    The only fear Bush had was lifting UN sanctions and Saddam being able to sell oil from 1 mill barrels a day to 5-9 mill a day thus depressing oil prices, meaning no huge profits for oil companies, not to mention the obscene profits from the war machine.

    Thus, rush rush to war, link link Saddam to 9/11 etc.. we all have seen the machinations.
  7. " How come George Bush doesnt bomb Iran,they are farther ahead then Iraq in the WMD dep"

    A: Because Israel hasn't told him to yet.
  8. Let's not forget that Saddam had already "committed" to negotiations with Fina to operate a majority share of his fields; and the French were so outraged out of "humane" concerns. Coincidence? I think not.
  9. Yep, it all boils down to who makes decisions?... who benefits?...
    Does anyone think Mr Raymond, Exxon et. all have any objections?
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    Lol, ok, am I the only one who found that funny?!
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