HOW come every major Brokerage Missed Delphi Bankruptcy?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mahram, Oct 8, 2005.

Analysts don't know a thing about Stocks they cover?

  1. Anaylsts knows what they are talking about

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  2. Anaylsts know jack

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  1. How come every major brokerage missed the delphi bankruptcy, Himanshu Patel was telling everybody delphi wouldnt go bankrupt, Merril lynch said it was impossible, key banc said never going to happen. So is this a sign analysts know nothing :D
  2. To me, an analyst is basically a person like you or me, that is being paid to look over financial statements,

    maybe call up the company sometimes,
    maybe take a visit to their offices (hardly)

    but he has no more expertise unless he personally knows the CEO which most analysts do not

    since most analysts are just working stiffs like us that CEOs do not affiliate much with to talk to them.
  3. a better question is:

    if they knew about it, what benefits would they derive if they tell you about it?
  4. Pabst


    I don't read analyst reports so I don't know. But I DO know that even the mainstream press has been speculating for the past month whether DPH would file because of the inability to settle it's pension liabilities.

    A big clue: When a stock closes at a buck, down 80% in a month, on volume of 94,000,000 shares.
  5. but what I found was really funny is that jp morgan was the lead dip lender for delphi. And everybody knows it takes time for dip financing tobe lined up, so it doesnt explain why he was blind sided.

  6. Agendas

    Analysists, for the most part, serve as a barometer for the true contrarians.

    Whatever they're the opposite direction.

    Whatever industry/sector they snub...start combing and find the hidden assets and roi.

    Then....repeat the cycle.
  7. its just disgusting, JPmorgan was the head dip provider, and you have their JPmorgan analyst pumping and pumping. last last friday he caused delphi to jump 55% to 3.50. I called delphi investors relations,GM investor's relation, and national UAW offices, they didnt know of any Conference call. I added 5000 to my delphi at 3.32 at 2500 at 3.03 so Im pretty lucky. LOL but it could have turned out tobe true and I would have been knocked at least 15K :D

  8. of course they were pumping it --- hedgies were heavy short this stock as one of their core short holdings --- come on this was just a big game!



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    many big hedge funds have been heavy short this company --- that was a big score. some have been in this short from january through february of this year --- what a call.

    lets see --- delphi makes auto parts {lots of GM stuff} and gas/oil prices were going up. what was the prospect of this with companies that were heavier in the SUV sales side of the auto market being the primary customer for delphi. that seems like a very good probability play from what i can see --- and boy was it!

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