how can you start your trading

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  1. This is absolutely newbie question. So most of you guys are not interested. But just treat this as teaching new-bie ba..

    Do you catch all news stocks? Or just focus on specific sector or stocks? Give me some hint ba...

    Learning curve is frustrating, hope the road is painful, but the direction is right. :)
  2. Read lots of books, let your passion take over from there. (See "books" section here on ET.)

    If your not passionate enough (read: compulsive) about trading, you will fail anyway.
  3. and its a challenge. In a sick way, hope you dont find success right off the bat, after getting your back side stuffed with cactus trees for months and losing your life savings, then the real hard work starts,,,then you have a CHANCE to survive for 2 years.

    But its all worth it. Then your ready to rock and roll
  4. now, I think about trading all day and all night. Even in my dream, I am dreaming how to trading and form some strategy. I don't know how to stop it. I am nearly crazy about trading. But this is not enough ba...
  5. ...and hopefully the compulsion element will be sustainable enough to fight off the effects of trader "burnout"...
  6. I think that is a common element in the beginning...You still have a very open mind, your open to any and all "advice", etc...You still have a few hundred books that have yet to be have a bunch of charts that have yet to be studied...Eventually, though, you run out of books to read, run out of new chart patterns, then u have to find new ways to keep it all fresh...
  7. chasing news is a tough game and not a good way for a rookie to learn to trade.
  8. nitro


    I suggest you talk to DaytradeNYC - he is a news player.

    thetraderprofit is probably the best...

  9. To tell the truth, I should not be a good news player. I know my personality. I am willing to do research on specific sectors and trade them very often. I like to do something I know very well. Now I focus on bank sector, health products distribution sector and retail sectors. Just as today, ABC and DGX have a very good running. I love them so much. Hope that I will know them more and more.

    But I don't know what is the meaning of know a stock, a sector. Can you big players help me to specify this. Keep watch them for one week? or keep trading them for one week? or one year? or like specilist?
  10. Your best bet, if you really want to learn is to find a mentor who will hold your hand through the learning curve process. Otherwise, no one is really gonna give you a detailed hand book for free. There are firms out there that offer this type of training. PM me for more info.
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