How can you profit from the market by "not trading"

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  1. I have spent quite a bit of time, and I mean quite a bit of time to finally come up with several automated trading models that are, well IMHO ... profitable.

    For the most part, there's not too too much work left other than to run them. Of course you always have to update & there is other work that is required in the maintance process, but all in all it's not that much work, and I find myself watching the unrealized P&L all day long. It's counterproductive and will drive you nutz doing that.

    True that there is always more & more than you can grind trying to find other profitable trading models, however there comes a point where you have really grinded it so much that there is nothing else left to grind. I have some ideas that I would like to implement, but the level of programming is way beyond my level that I have decided to just outsource this.

    But my point... I'm kinda running out of $hit to do.


    I'm so glad I found the financial markets as I have certain found my passion, probably this is the most pationate I've ever been at at something... so I have to stay in this line of work, but I'd just like to do something else in the business

    A couple of things come to mind...

    1) Go fly to financial institutions and sell myself... while I'd love to do this, I'm still classified as a beginner. Although I have made a decent amount of $ in this game, I have had some hiccups along the way (most with the programming not doing exactly what I want). I really don't have that kind of track record to really land any deal, probably will have to wait a year or so...

    2) Start a prop firm... but with the recent changes that occured w/ Tuco, I'm not sure this is something you want to get in, now if you were to try and attract other traders you're probably going to have to tell them they're going to need a series 7

    3) Start a "teaching trading service"... you can always teach a guru type teaching service. There is a trading academy that charges traders ~ $4000, putting them through a course of completely worthless material mainly focused on TA, candlestocks and such. The customers love it, however IMO this is nothing but pure garbage, but it sure sells well. Morally I really couldn't sell something I know is a complete waste of time.

    But from what I've learned to beat the markets, if I were to teach what I really know that works I would feel that the edge would fade out. I just don't want to take that chance.

    Other than that, I really haven't found another way to make money in the same industry as my true passion and was wondering what you guys think.
  2. Your secret is safe with me. I promise, if you told me your secret, I would in no way share it with anyone else. So here is what I propose: Try your training program on me, and I will critique you honestly, and I won't tell anyone you told me your secret.
    After teaching me, you may find that teaching isn't your thing, and your life will be fulfilled.
    That being said, I refuse to wash your car. Wax on Wax off.
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    Just keep trading your account and working on avoiding any hiccups, then start a hedge fund if you think the strategy is scalable.
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    try trading it with you're money and if it is that good you can keep increasing your size and make 10 times what you will make on the pyramid scheme.hard work pays off in more ways than your p/l,life is a journey , shortening it only makes it a cliff note paragraph,it's your 1 life ,what's it worth to you?