How can we buy shares of the Fed ?

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  1. Hello,

    As the Fed is a private organisation, it's aim is profit ? So how can a private investor, trader buy shares ? ( as you can do with the SWISS NATIONAL BANK )
  2. I recall from a video on utube that the stock holders are secret but I can't confirm that. Hope you get a good answer. Great question.
  3. IF I wanted to buy share of the Fed...
    how should I do ?
    please it's a trading forum or what ?
  4. According to BS Bernanke... certain of the Fed's dealings MUST NOT BE DISCLOSED. If we knew who benefited from their actions or to whom they've lent lots of money and/or bailed out, "we [US citizens] would be really pissed"... therefore, info about the Fed must remain secret... for our own good, you know...
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  5. I don't care of the story of the bailout.

    That's true HARDCORE BULLSHIT...

    Why last years I couldn't buy shares of the FED... or the year earlier...

    WHY ?
  6. For one thing, the Fed is not a public company... no shares traded nor available.
  7. My dear Friend Hoodooman,

    Only by asking the question you get the answer. NEVER FORGET THIS ONE...
  8. ahahahah... that's stupid. Share can't be named to an individual ???... Because if he die his child will not be able to receive it...

    Thusfar their right are transferable... and so tradeable !
  9. where is this market where the FED shares changed hands ?
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