How can VACATION IN TURKEY that cheap?

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  1. I was looking at this website and I am shocked

    Nice hotels very close to beach and breaktast included only $5/day/person????

    Did they forget to include a zero or something?

    Then choose hotels only
    Then choose Turkey
    Then choose any of the 3 locations and you will see hundreds of hotels with pictures all under $10/day/person.

    I even called the customer service and confirmed the prices. Customer service is located in England.

    Let me know what you think
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    Hi, The Istanbul, Turkey.. It is one of the provinces that best illustrates this aspect of the Marmara region. Thanks to the constant very humid climate of Istanbul, An increase in mediterranean flora is observed in the warmer areas to the south of the city especially on the Princes' Islands, is the only place in Istanbul with a mediterranean vegetation...
  3. See the film Midnight Express before you go to Turkey.
  4. I've vacationed in Antalia and flight (from Moscow at the time) and 4 days at 5star all inclusive was $500.
  5. Turkey is a dirty, filthy and very corrupt country. Their 5 star hotels are actually 3 stars by any other standards.

    Also, it's not exactly safe.
  6. While it is true I wouldn't rate the 5 star as a 5 star in, say, was still very clean and inexpensive.
  7. Vegas is a great place to visit. One day might be too short to see what Vegas has to offer but you are staying at a great hotel. Here are also some fun things you can do in Vegas.
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    Supply & demand?:D Maybe the old thanksgiving joke/punchline applies. Greece squirted out from Turkey:D
  9. :D :D

    Yeah, make sure to tell the OP hashish is perfectly legal in Turkey and to bring it with him.