How can these 1000's of parabolic charts not crash at some pt?

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  1. even going back to 1999 i've never seen so many 5-10 fold parabolic moves in some of the biggest co's in the world.No different than the reversal of the crash to lows in 2008 i expect to see some vicious moves down when this tops
  2. Name a few tickers so we know what you mean? AAPL is not up 5 fold...
  3. C, BAC, F, AMR, GE, ABK, MBIA, AIG, POT, etc., etc.
  4. A guy I know decided to short YUM because statistically-technically, it should drop. I told him it's probably not a good idea because YUM has good fundamentals. For many days now, YUM is refusing to drop. Furthermore, it moved to new highs, right along with SPY. That guy I know is hurtin'. Poor guy ...
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    There are stocks up thousands of percent while the average stock is up a few hundred percent over the last 10-12 months.

    Check out those 3, each of them are up over a 1000%, and there are more than just those three.



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  6. Parabolic? :D Go research stocks from the tech bubble like BVSN to get a clear understanding of the term.
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    lol yea parabolic off the march lows

    most of these stocks are still down 50% from the july 07 highs.
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    I agree.. the posters with 100+ posts are the n00bs on this board.
  9. My biggest stockholding has gone up 200% but I am waiting for it to hit 600% so I can retire.:D

    DOW 20K here we come baby yeah!:p
  10. I asked because these are not the biggest companies in the world at that time. There are at most 10000 companies in the US, so 1000s up 500% is an overstatement.

    Don't refute that lots of stocks are up, just as you can point to any bull market. The parabolic part doesn't seem to be here yet except for say AAPL. I define parabolic to be FXI in 07/08, or GC (Gold) in 1980.
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