How can the value differ from the underlying ?

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    Hello Traders

    I have a newbie question: How can the option value differ from the value of the underlying in the following Option (Warrant).

    Here is the Chart:

    This is the termsheet:

    Excerpt from the termsheet:
    "Ratio: 1
    Certificate Right: Each Certificate entitles the holder in accordance with the respective Terms and Conditions of the Certificates, to receive an amount in USD converted into CHF (using the USD/CHF rate based on the official mid-closing spot rates of USD/CHF on Reuters Page USDCHFFIXM=WM) equal to the Market Value on the Valuation Date multiplied by the Ratio and further multiplied by the Hedging Fee Factor.
    Max Hedging Fee: 0% p.a."

    Who can explain this to me ???

    Thank you