How can someone take the UN serious???

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    Can sommeone please explain how Cuba gets re-elected to the UN human rights commission?? I mean are they serious here?? Please alfonso ( you seem very knowledgeable about the way the UN conducts itself ) come out and tell me how something like this can happen??.............,2933,85526,00.html
  3. The basic concept of the U.N. is that a bunch of elitists gather together to solve the worlds problems.

    It has always been about Central Planning. SOCIALISM.

    Even China has realized that central planning is not the holy grail for humanity, when will socialists and academics around the world realize it ? Actually, I think they do realize it, but it doesn't matter. ITS ABOUT POWER FOR THEM. A TOTALLY CYNICAL CON.
  4. The UN, global development schemes and foreign aid in general have been aptly described as devices to take money from poor taxpayers in rich countries and transfer it to rich elites in poor countries.

    The UN's waste and corruption is a worldwide scandal, albeit one you'll never read about in the liberal press. I could tolerate it if they actually did anything to improve life, but their record is pretty slim. Ditto for another international hobbyhorse, the World Bank and its sibling the IMF. The world's few democratic countries could have easily set up a few G7 steering groups to accomplish the same goals.

    It is becoming increasingly clear that the US has no business remaining in the UN. Not only is the organization wasteful, corrupt and ineffective, but it has now begun increasingly to advocate anti-US policies. We may not be able to change the policies but we damn sure don't have to finance them.
  5. AMEN to that, AAA
  6. Just another symptom of the rotting carcass the UN has become on certain issues. Don't forget, Libya is the Chair of the commission!
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    The same UN that elects Libya to chair the UN Human Rights body.
  8. US out of the UN, UN out of the US.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember reading somewhere lately that under Clinton the UN was on a course to take over the national parks in the US and the Heritage sites. I believe there was a battle over some sign in a park in New England about the UN and our parks. Can't remember where.
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    I second that! No need for the UN - get rid of them!
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