How can Obama avoid assassination?

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  1. Well, let's pretend for a moment that Obama can get elected. I'm not convinced it's going to happen (I still predict that the radical right will bring out millions of voters that slipped under the pollsters' radars), but given McCain's Hail Mary VP pick, Obama's attack ads casting McCain as an ally of big oil (i.e. the cause of the current gas prices), the current financial clusterfuck... at this point anything can happen.

    But seriously, if Obama is elected, who honestly believes that the dude is NOT going to be assassinated?

    Iraq war is still on, and Obama wants to pull out. A LOT of people in this country view this whole mess primarily as a religious struggle.

    Obama rhymes with Osama (yes, it's lame, but have you ever listened to your average extremist Christian nutjob? Rhymes, numerology, symbolism, etc. aren't uncommon.)

    Obama's middle name is Hussein, and his father was a Muslim. Rational and reasonable objectors, I refer you to back to average "extremist Christian nutjobs". We've got a million of them, at the very least.

    We're on the cusp of a major economic fuckup here. Inflation, deflation, however it goes down, a lot of people are going to view it as a sign of the impending downfall of the USA, if not a sign of the apocalypse. The religious types will strongly associate the threat of recession/depression/downfall/apocalypse/whatever with whomever is president. This isn't about fault or fairness, it's about symbolism. Babel, the great whore, the beast, the Antichrist, seals, etc.

    I've met several individuals that believe that the year 2012 is special somehow. Apparently, either the world will end or we'll all be elevated to some other level of consciousness or some shit. This is mostly limited to new-agey types, but several people have made the case that Revelations supports the 2012 apocalypse theory. 2012 falls within the next president's term, obviously.

    Oh yeah, and Obama is BLACK. How many members of the KKK do we have in this country? How many of them own a hunting rifle, or have access to black powder or dynamite?

    It's not like I'm suggesting something particularly strange. JFK got it. RFK got it. Reagan was seriously wounded. King and Malcolm X got it. How on earth can Obama possibly survive for four years? Will he hide in Camp David the entire time?

    Even if you would rather see the man dead, consider this: What kind of crazy new anti-gun laws are we going to see in the aftermath of the assassination?

    If you think I'm being too pessimistic, please mention your state of birth/residence... I'm curious. I've lived in Florida all my life, Orlando area. Most of my friends around here are pro-Obama, and most of them believe that it's more likely than not that he'll be assassinated, if elected.
  2. Unless he goes quail hunting with Cheney, I think the odds favor him serving his term over McCain completing 4 years as presidency.

    McCain has what, a 25% chance or greater of dying in office according to some actuarial tables given his advanced age, cancer, other obvious physical disabilities, and of course the stress of being a president.

    On the other hand, only 4 presidents have been killed by assassination in office out of 43.

    Do the math...

    RFK had no secret service protection, nor did MLK...

    If Obama is elected, he will not risk the same fate.

  3. Security will be tighter than a virgin.

  4. As long as he doesn't piss off the Bush Sr. or the Jewish Mobsters.

    The Christian nut jobs are very vocal. But they're not dangerous enough. Lots of hot air, no balls.

    And that is why McCain will not be president. Bush Sr. does not like McCain.
  5. I read Obama already has more Secret Service protection then any other president in history and the secret service for the first time ever had to ask for more money for candidates protection and i'm guessing it was mostly due to Obama

    They cant and wont let Obama get killed
  6. How can they make sure the Secret Service won't be infiltrated by some nutjob with a hidden agenda?
  7. In over 108 years that the secret service has been protecting presidents only 1 was killed,pretty good odds for Obama

    They probably have agents reading this thread
  8. LodeRunner,
    I think all of us - including the US Secret Service - are interested in you telling us exactly HOW Obama is going to be assassinated. This is a very nice way of getting yourself on that "special observation list" for travellers giving them a lot of hassle at airports etc, the measure that the Bush administration has implemented with the DHS - Doubplespeak for the Ministry of Love.
  9. Obama should have picked DICK Cheney as VP, that is what Bush did and why nobody would assassinate Bush.

    Cheney=assassination insurance.
  10. Also,
    remember that making death threats is a criminal act in almost every country - also on the Internet. Be careful in how you address topics like this. You would immediately be in potentially a lot of problems if you feed such rhetoric yourself.

    Don't think the FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service and Dept. of Homeland Security can't find out about your identity in a jiffy. In the latest few years, most US based companies offering Internet services have changed their TOS and privacy policy statements - to accommodate identification of members to the US government. There is no such thing as guaranteed privacy on the Internet for the time being, and I've worked a lot with developing and implementing communication security and protocols professionally.

    In the US, there are virtually no privacy laws... so you can easily run up a large and detailed profile on yourself.
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