how can I recognize the trend of the intraday

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    To be a position trader, you have to recognize the trend of the intraday, right? But it is really hard for me to find a way to recognize the intraday trend. I will like to long relative strong and short relative weak. But I always predict the wrong trend eventually. What should I do? Is there anyone who can tell me how to do?
  2. Everyone kind of has their own way of identifying a trend.

    This is how I like to do it.

    Hope this helps... :)
  3. I recognize a trend when the market gaps (like today) and then does not close in the first hour to hour and a half or so. Not absolute, but works on many occassions.
  4. That brings to mind something Trader Vic said:" If there is a
    gap, and it is going to reverse, it will do so 10 to 15 minutes
    after the opening 95 percent of the time. Please believe me on
    the odds, they are real.

    Trader Vic
  5. ZBEAR


    TIME FRAMES are very important to me !

    I draw lots of trend lines - on different time frames -

    Connect the Highs & Connect the Lows

    1 / 5 / 15 / 30 / 60 / Minute Intraday

    Daily / Weekly / Monthly

    Check your favorite oscillator(s) in each time frame.

    Hope this helps !
  6. Kiwiboy


    Out of interest, do you trade this 1-minute 33-18-1 trend on a regular basis? How does it perform?

  7. Hi...actually, it's not a 1 minute, but a 133 Tick chart.

    Yes, I've been a big fan of Stochastics for many, many years. However,I
    just started using the 33-18-1 a couple of months ago.

    So far, I really like it.
  8. food for thought:

    square your time to find it's wuji,
    then the yin of yesterdays yang will change
    square your time and find *no* wuji
    then on with the way of the yesterday
  9. More food for thought:

    In a bid to discover the trend,
    I drew seven lines end to end,
    From the resulting rectangle,
    I determined the angle,
    And confirmed the whole thing with a friend.
  10. ok, i'm going to try and solve your riddle, can you give me some additional hints? does this determine the trend intraday post-fact? In other words, is it lagging? or is it predictive?

    speaking of angles it sounds like gann lines, but then again, I don't know anything about the guy's techniques. If it is based on his stuff, then it would be predictive.

    it must be predictive. what's the use of determining the intraday trend after the intraday chart has been filled in? (rhetoric)
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