How can i raise money?

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    Hi Guys,

    Need your advice. I have a forex strategy that averages 10-25% profit a month and i want to raise money from investors so that i can trade for them and take lets say take 30% of profit which is within reason. Now i don't want to go cold calling and ask people for there spare change. But i wanna raise some serious capital for something that actually works... what would you recommend?


    Btw, i hope u dont take this as me trying to sell anything here :)
  2. Ask friends and family. Once you make them good money over the next couple of years, word will spread around and it will likely keep snowballing.
  3. Borrow $10K, use your system to generate 15% per month and you will have $1.5 Million in 3 yrs. When you can generate returns of 10% or more per month, no need to market for funds to manage. Be patient and don't be greedy; go it alone. Put your money where your mouth is.
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    Just one point: since when is the strategy working and how did it before? As it comes so it goes. If you were fully convinced of a timely proven method there would be no question how to raise money.
  5. I agree with Signate67. This is a phenomenal return ... you're doubling your money every three to six months for goodness sakes. You don't really need to involve anyone else. Get cash advances (10K - 15K) on a couple credit cards and start trading. Pay off the cards in a few months and retire in a few years. I wish I could get returns like yours on just an annual basis.

    :eek:Of course, make sure your system works in real life (as opposed to back testing and simulated trading) before trading on credit.:eek::
  6. Let me guess, your fabulous returns are currently on a demo account?

    If not, post your statement here and you may just get the money you're looking for.
  7. You think 30% is within reason. Normal payout is 20% profits, but you must be in the same league as Stevie Cohen, Paul Tutor Jones, etc....
  8. Dont do it!....One example I can give you is from my own experience
    I had 2 individuals and 2 married couples contribute 5k
    each, along with my 5k....after the first month we were
    up just over 10%
    Immediately one couple wanted their $5500 to put
    a down payment on a truck..
    One individual wanted his $500 profit to pay some bills
    The other individual was giving me "hot tips" everyday
    The other couple wanted to continue but asked why we
    couldnt make more than 10% per month.
    The pressure to not lose other people's money was so
    great it was actually holding me back
    On about the 32nd day I gave them all of their money back

    The result?...1)nobody showed any appreciation
    2) on my own, I could have made much more
    that month
    3)since the funds were comingled in my own
    account I ate their share of the taxes because
    I just wanted to get it over with...and not have
    to deal with explaining the tax situation
    Listen to the other opinions already given to you...get your
    own money and go from there....Yes, I know...the comingling
    was very foolish
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    Not the best route to proceed
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    Trust me my strategy is not going to disappear unless forex disappears all together :)
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