How can I prepare the series 3 EXAM?--As a foreigner

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    this is my first time posting an English thread.Please forgive me if my words are not precise.

    Let's get down to the business.I am preparing the series 3 exam,attempting to be a CTA. I have traded for a few years and last year I exerted a return of 36.64% and a max drawdown of 6.7%. I know this is not a very good record,but it surely encourages me to be a CTA.

    However,this is a difficult task for a foreigner,as you can see,my English is not very good.(be honest,it's very bad) and where I live is totally no information on CTA--China.So I have to make a pointed studying.words,knowledge and regulations are just some of the bewildering amount of information I will have to learn.

    Can anyone passed the exam offer me some study materials or information on it ? anything will be very helpful.

    thanks a lot!!!
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    If you get the study guides from STC it should be ok. There are questions on the practice exams that were actually on the exam when I took the test. I had to look around to see if someone was playing a trick on me.

    If you ace the regulations (and the STC will ensure you will), just doing ok on the hedging questions will put you over the top
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    What does 'STC' stand for? or where can I get this guide?
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    What they said...

    I have several licences and the 3 was by far the easiest.

    STC or PassPerfect study guides will do the trick just fine.
  5. study!
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    Thanks! :)