How can I make money by investing in share market?

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  1. Is there any sure shot strategy to ensure the profit and avoid loss? Please help.
  2. tomorton


    There is no investment or trade that has 0% risk. It is guaranteed that some individual shares that you buy will fall in price.

    If minimising risk is the only priority, then buy shares that pay dividends but never sell them. So you get the dividend income during your life and can then pass the shares to your children in your Will.

    But this throws away the opportunity to gain from a share price rise. So if you can't keep a share for life, buy shares that are in an uptrend when the whole market is in an uptrend and sell them when either trend stalls. If the whole market's uptrend stalls don't buy or hold any shares until it starts upwards again.
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  4. RDK91


    If there was such a thing that is 100% guaranteed to make you a profit, wouldn't everyone be doing it?

    The only way to make money without risking losing money is doing a regular job.
    With everything that requires a capital injection of any kind (trading, investing, property development, any other business really), there is a risk to lose the money that you have invested.
  5. zdreg


    investing in short terms governments is a sure way to lose to inflation.
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  6. MarkBrown


    investors lose money, traders make money taking it from investors - invest away
  7. Edith.M


    It is important to note that shares trading demands a frequent updates with fundamental market analysis. That is global macro and micro economics
  8. bilbo64


    well, there is no sure shot shortcut to trading or being successful. you have to lose if you want to win.
  9. drcha


    Read. And keep reading.
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  10. themickey


    Probably best to begin by starting a list for yourself on what not to do.
    That will put a brake on many investment errors.
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