how can I learn ?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Gueco, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Gueco


    I'd like to learn how to trade credit spreads, condors.

    Where can I find the necessary instructional material ? Any books, courses that anyone knows of?

    thank you
  2. Start with my thread under SPX credit spread trader!

    Seriously though, before that pick up Options as a Strategic Investment by McMillion and Option Trading: The Hidden Reality by Charles Cottle to give you the foundation and learning you need.

    Learn the Greeks and synthetics as well as how credit spreads and ICs work and volatility. Start very small and always remind yourself of the risks.
  3. In addition to the sources Coach mentioned;

    Also, once you're done there - Natenburg's Option Pricing and Volatility.

    Look for free or almost free sources, such as these sites, seminars, and learning materials. Don't go and spend $3000.

    When you're ready to give it a try open an account and PAPER trade at interactivebrokers, thinkorswim (likely better for a beginner), or similar. Make sure it's a broker who understands options - DON'T go with the Scwab's, Fidelity's of the world.

    Good luck, have fun, and make some money one day.

  4. Oops forgot about Natenberg.... thanks!!
  5. Gueco


    thank you both for helping me, I will follow your advice