How can I know when a company will send their sales warning?

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    Does a company need to report to sec or public the time when they will send their sales warning or outlook? Maybe a week or 10 days before they publish their earning report? Or they just send these(sales outlook) randomly?
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    I am not so familiar with that kind of thing, haha
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    Then why are you replying, in the thread?? [​IMG]
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  4. Funny!!
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  6. That's kind of a silly question...that's like asking all the other drivers on the road to honk and flash their lights before they're about to, or anything else.
    Of course you can't exactly anticipate bad (or good) news.

    The only thing standard or generally expected are the quarterly reporting dates. -- and even that date can deviate sometimes.
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    A company has to release financial updates on a calendar basis, every 3 or 6 months, depending on which market the company is listed in. But they must also release share price-sensitive information to the whole market as soon as possible.

    Remember, the shareholders own the company, not the directors.
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    If it's of a material nature, they will announce and hold a press conference which the public can listen in on.
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    ''HOW can i know??'' Generally speaking, you cant ''know'' + stay out of jail. BUT if you could find a top trender/uptrender, or one many sell/hate, that may help a lot. To use a concrete,LOL,example; an EPS of 20, means 80% of stocks are doing better, [edit, earnings]GE,may close below $20 today+ downtrend to $ 10.10 later??. NOT a stock tip, not a prediction,may lose value:caution::cool: Good 10 day question,kiev
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