How can I get live real time data without paying extra fees?

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  1. curiousv


    I just talked with interactive brokers and they told me they charge extra fees and deposit for live market data ..otherwise their data is 15 min. delayed.

    Are all brokers same like interactive brokers ...they charge extra for real time data?

    Is there other way than brokers other website that provides real time data?
  2. cvds16


    just a headsup: I used to pay about 12000 euro as a futurestrader each year just to get my data in the beginning of the nineties ...
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  3. you should ask the russians - i am sure they know how.
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  4. cvds16


    metatrader4 and Oanda might give you some data for free​
  5. Quiet1


    Isn't interactive brokers something like $10 per month for all US futures? You want cheaper than that?
  6. tommcginnis


    Every exchange charges for real-time data.
    Every broker that provides data "for free" makes it up in higher charges elsewhere.
    IB's business model has it merely passing through exchange data fees.
    If you trade a token amount, IB will absorb many exchange fees anyway.

    All of this information is available when you signed on.
  7. As far as "free, real-time" data, doubt there is any.

    There is a cost for real-time data for all. Some brokers "absorb" the cost in the hope of making it up and more in commissions/fees.

    Last time I checked, IB waives the data fee if your account generates something like $10-$30/mo in commish.
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  8. srinir


    TOS (TDA) provides real time data for funded account (you can leave just few hundred dollars in the account)
  9. guru


    Yup, TD Ameritrade. While it may be fun to point out that Robinhood also provides free real-time data and has millions of people using it (not sure how exactly they can trade off of a phone, though I did use Robinhood for testing fills, and some swing trades).
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