How can I get Ben Litchstein calls the S&P futures for CHEAP

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sky123987, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. I've heard several people say that you can get the audio of the S&P futures for $50 / month. I can't find this deal, perhaps someone knows...

  2. dont be freakin lazy, dont ride off someone elses live calls. You will never learn to trade this way and will always be dependent on someone elses skills.


  3. I dont think Ben makes "calls", His service is the S&P pit audio.

  4. Here's an idea, call him and ask!
  5. Oh, haha, ok. My mistake. I thought the OP was asking for this guy to give him live trade calls.

    I am man enough to admit when I've been a bonehead :)

    sorry Sky.

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    I do not even think Ben trades. He runs a squak box service that is all
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    I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about, but I received an email from tradersaudio a few days ago. It was a "Moving Special" (moving to the CBOT building)....$50/first month; then the standard $125 after that. I believe the Bond squawk was discount also.
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    yea that is bens service
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    I have used the audio before and it is decent. It was somewhat interesting.
  10. For those who aren't familiar with Ben's service :

    Video of Carter using Ben's calls. Below you will find the email info about the moving promotion.

    Equity Index Futures will be moving to our new location at the CBOT on April 7th, 2008. This will be a new and exciting move for Traders Audio. We look forward to providing you with outstanding broadcasts of the market activity as it develops at our new location.

    To celebrate this move we will be offering specials on the following broadcasts:

    S&P 500 Pit Broadcast #1
    $50.00 for first month

    CBOT 30yr, 10yr, and Options Broadcast
    $150.00 for first month

    If you are interested in this offer please send us an e-mail with the subject: CBOT Special, and we will get your account set up.
    Move Date:

    April 7th, 2008
    New Address:
    141 West Jackson Boulevard
    Chicago, Illinois 60604-2994

    After the first month the subscription fees will return to their normal rates. If you have any questions regarding this offer please feel free to contact us.
    Ben Lichtenstein
    #10     Mar 30, 2008