How can I generate the 10 dollar monthly commissions safely without risk

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  1. I would like to generate the 10 dollar monthly commissions to avoid being charged the “inactivity fee” for lack of trading, but don’t plan to actively trade every month. I mainly like IBKR for the cheap margin rates to be honest.

    Could someone please recommend any basically risk-free stock or option trades?

    My goal is to break even on them such that I would gain ten dollars profit only and that this would generate the 10 dollars in commissions. Thanks very much in advance I greatly appreciate any advice!!
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    I tried this once to avoid an inactivity fee on my account at another broker, which I thought was $10 per month.

    It was an inactive time for me in my trading. So I made a trade, and lost like a couple of hundred bux on the bad trade, but at least I did not have the inactivity fee.

    I found out later that the broker does not have an account inactivity fee. So it was a waste of time and money.

    Bottom line, just pay the 10 bux, rather than feel pressured to make a trade to avoid a $10 fee. You'll prolly do worse trading under pressure to save $10, than by just letting it go.
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  3. Thanks for the well reasoned reply. That was my initial decision, I was just wondering if there is any way around it, but probably not. I agree, and the savings alone on their low margin rates make it worthwhile. Thanks!!
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    Keep $30k cash in the account and the interest paid covers the fee.
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  5. Thanks that is a good idea. Do I have to buy money market funds, or just leave it in the default IBKR settlement account? Is there a default settlement account? Any recommendation on a money market settlement fund?
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    Is it Tuesday already? Mondays are hard.
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    This is you, tonight.

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  8. Keep at least 100 k USD in your IB account and the inactivity fee will be waived.
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    Indeed. I am admit it!

    @Overnight You are a good spirit helping everyone here, and sharing your personal experience.

    To the OP: if you have the fear of $10 the market is going to be an expensive tutor.
    as @Overnight said, just pay it. You will have much larger concerns as far as exposure.
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    If he wanted to do something smart he could hedge against an equity position he has - maybe a covered call/protective put or something. But I would doubt that'd get him anywhere near the $10 he wants to spend.
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