How can I find out my credit score for free

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  1. I mean really for free?Im not going to input any CC card data to get a 'free' score.

    has anybody used a service that is completely 100% for free?If so what is is?

    If a thing like that doesnt exist, why does the Government put such a high emphasis on a persons credit score?Seems to me there is some ulterior motive.
  3. Sorry I had to do it.....

    Seriously, contact Experion and Trans Union directly. I'm sure there is some free program direct from those sources.

    Good luck
  4. Go to

    free credit report...not sure about score.
  5. transunion will give you a free 30 day trial, but you have to cancel before it is over or they will charge your credit card.

    i think you try to sign up first but it won't say that you can try for free (don't sign up at this stage). but then when you navigate away from their site and a window pops up offering a free trial.
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    A few years ago (2/3??) a federal law was passed where evey person could get their credit reports (from the big 3) free once a year

    I like free - check out the link a couple of posts above mine

  7. this won't give your the score.
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    True - but "The score" could mean a couple of different things

    You're scored one way when purchasing a house

    A differnent way for auto / CC accounts

    And yet a different way for in store credit

    So what score is the OP looking for?

    ETA - It's actually the credit issuing institute that assigns you a score based on their criteria

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    go to any mortgage broker and ask for pre approval letter. they will run your credit check and may give you a copy. i got one not so long ago with score from all three agencies.same with auto dealers..some credit cards from city offer complete free reports with score and evrything.
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    This is the only way to get real free reeports... no score...its extra...

    if your in a hurry you can alway go to 15.00 each.

    But if you go that route... search the term myfico cupon code and see if you can one with 20 % off that is still active. I alway seem to find one...

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