How can I find an investment firm to fund me (I have a track record) maybe Brights?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by WhiteOut56, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Okay... this is going to be very hard to find. But I need to find an investment firm that has access to international stock markets and hopefully a $hit ton of money.

    - like a goldman global prime account (I think you need 5 million minimum to open the account)

    I have a strategy that can be applied to all stock markets that makes very good money, and is very scalable... and the thing is... I HAVE A TRACK RECORD TO SHOW!!!!!

    It's just getting access to these international stock markets w/ reasonable commissions (unlike the IB's .08% per stock trade) to very difficult

    If someone will let me just use their goldman global prime account I will make a $hit ton of money.

    * I will even put money down
    * and main thing.... I DO HAVE A TRACK RECORD!!!!!

    - Maybe Don... you'll be interested? I've traded w/ you for a little bit in the past

    Please PM ME
  2. whats the leverage on a goldman prime account