How can I find a job as money manager?

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    I would like to know how can I find firms who need good traders .
    and what are their conditions ?
    and how one can prove them that he is a good trader and can make money consistentely in currencies and other markets ?
  2. graduation diploma, doctorate in economy and commerce + 5+track record and u hired.
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    I have BA ( but not in economics )

    what do u mean +5+ track recod ?
    do u mean 5 years statment ?:confused:

  4. I have a serious question that maybe some of the pros here can answer. I understand the role of a broker, he's a salesmen/order taker and his product are things market related. My quesion is this, why do firms need to hire traders? Isn't this something they can do themselves or even automate. And what guidelines and restrictions do they keep on these guys? My guess is these firms merely piggyback by making small traders who are successful big traders who become their partner. What if the trader loses, does any of the nut come out of his pocket?

  5. Most equity"traders" in the brokerage world are little more than order takers. They simply fulfill the buy/sell they are handed. Some working on a NASDAQ desk are actual market makers and position stock.

    Fixed Income is a different story these guys are usually positioning product all day and are far better traders than the equity guys.
  6. The Buyside is being phased out to automation. Read any Trader magazine and you will see algorithms algorithms and did I say algorithms? The buyside trader's days are numbered. I expect in the future, many of the orders will go directly from PM into an algorithm and trading desks will vanish as we know them.

    On the sellside, market makers are being squeezed so bad since going to pennies that they are leaving in droves and being replaced my ECNs.
    Discount Brokerage firms are gobbling each other and slashing jobs. The people remaining just plug in orders from customers. Stockbrokers are going the money management route. Transaction based stockbroker days are over for the most part.

    Sorry to paint such a bleak picture but technology is killing jobs in this business.
  7. This is very very true. You rarely hear of these traders outside of IB though.
  8. if you're honest, start a biz. people do business with people they know, like, and trust. don't you?
  9. Whatever your selling they don't want it.
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    I dont want to sell anything
    I just want a job as fund manger
    :confused: :confused:
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