how can i do with some one that love trading than anything else

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by futuretrading, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. it must be a waste when love people who love trading, is it right?
  2. def waste. id say delete his phone #
  3. In this case, I will make friend with another one who love me
  4. all this kind of things are not useful but e\when you realizs you love him or her, you will do anything to .........
  5. do nothing just leave him or her alone
  6. WTF?......are atleast two of you "guys" using the same I.P. address? Are you from Szechuan or Hunan province? :(
  7. It is a waste, get away from this loser.
    All frequent traders lose, so get someone who actually brings home the bacon.
  8. LOL there's no need to get some1 like that, live alone and have food by crying
  9. Personal experience?
    Your own lifestyle? (since daytraders get only losses).