How can I contact day traders in my area

Discussion in 'Trading' started by leshinsk, May 21, 2001.

  1. leshinsk


    It feels like daytraders do not exist in Boston. There are no professional trading firms, no in office trading... If you know how I can get connected with traders in my area please give me a hint.
  2. I'd like to meet / talk with daytraders in the North Puget Sound area. Any members of groups up here? Thanks
  3. Gene


    I too have wondered about daytraders in my area (Tulsa, OK) and I recently saw there was a free seminar given by Worden on use of their TC2000 software. I stopped by the hotel seminar room and saw about 30 people there (most likely daytraders). I was too tired to stay, but asked the moderator about being able to get an attendance roster. He said best was to go to and see if I couldn't find these people. Haven't had any luck yet, but I will keep trying. Also Worden gives these free seminars in many locations in USA, so look them up.
  4. gh1


    how active is this group? i see a listing for Portland Or, but it hasn't changed or shown any activity in a long while.

    I think it would be very helpful for me to spend some time with other traders, discussing ideas, office layouts, platforms, execution skills, etc. but i can't be travelling all over to do it.

  5. There are 2 trading firms that I have found in the Boston area. Firefly Trading on Beacon St and Bright Trading in Hingham. Bright is a proprietary firm so you would need to have Series 7 etc..
    I am also in Boston and will be starting to trade full time within the next month. Due to the lack of options I will be starting off from home but plan to visit Firefly next week to check them out.
    Massachusetts has strict regulations regarding trading firms, thus the lack of them. Don't expect any more to be opening in the future.