How can I automate trades through Excel and not need my computer to stay on?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by AshanD, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. AshanD


    I found a programmer who is able to automate my trading strategy through microsoft excel. There is one catch: Both excel and OEC trader must stay on the entire time.

    This is a potentially big problem because the requirement that my computer stay on all the time could cause any number of problems even if I bought a computer dedicated just to running the program. (computer could still go down or the internet connection could break)

    Is there any way to load the orders to another place and have them get rerouted to my broker at a later time? I use Open E Cry.

  2. Strategyrunner offers server-based solutions
  3. Why do you need to use Excel?
  4. tomu


    You could lease a dedicated server from a web hosting company like And load your software on there and it will run from there, and the hosting company should have redundancy for these servers. You can lease one for less than $100 a month.
  5. fluideq


    dumb asses trust me kep your box away from them
  6. AshanD


    I don't need to, but Open E Cry is my broker and there is only one alternative order routing solution for them that I am aware of (Openquant)
  7. OEC has a .net based API that would likely be a much better solution. If you are set on OEC and just want to run an already built system then there doesn't seem to be a lot of reasons to use OpenQuant. One of the main reasons I have OpenQuant is that its broker neutral & allows one to build a strategy and test it, and then run it without too much work.

    I use OEC & Excel DDE links to monitor quotes, but thats about it. I am not convinced that there is any real error handling that I would trust to run in an unattended manner. i.e. I have no idea how to tell Excel to notify me if it loses connectivity to the broker.