how can I attach 3 monitors to laptop

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  1. Hi,

    a) I have a laptop that has a DVI-DL port (and also 5 USB ports).

    b) I have bought 3 additional monitors to convert my laptop into a trading station. Each monitor has a DVI and a VGA connection point. Each laptop came with a VGA cable, but no DVI cables.

    So I need to buy the DVI cables myself.

    I don't really want to spend money on Matrox Triplehead2go - and not sure if that's the solution.

    What is the best way (e.g. configuration of DVI cables) to buy to extend the laptop screen to the 3 additional monitors (and creating 4 screens)?

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  4. Thanks for the tip.
    I'm in the same exact predicament as the OP, so I have a question. Would you need to buy one of these for each monitor?
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    Yes, one for each monitor.

    Although now AOC makes USB monitors, so that it comes with it inside, should be even cheaper.

    Best of luck.

  6. Thanks a lot.
  7. UPDATE: I ordered two of the adapters recommended earlier in the thread, received them today and they do in fact work as was stated. Thanks again.
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    Nice, yes really a no-brainer.

    Best of luck in your trading.
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  10. My computer runs Linux, so direct support for these USB display devices isn't there, but I can run Windows under vmware or virtualbox and they can access any USB device. Has anyone tried this? I wonder whether it will be responsive enough.
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