How can I ask a shill to see statement?

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  1. OK folks. I am thinking of signing up for a trading service. Yeah Yeah I know.

    Anyway, this service has been around for a long long time. The trading service provided me with member's phone numbers and I have been calling them and talking to them about the service. Most members admitted that they are not making money yet, but are confident. They also warned me that once I joined, that the service will try to sell me other advanced courses and that I should be careful. Many have spent 20-30k on the course.

    One of them claims that he is making 1 to 3 percent per day and he cannot say enough good things about them. He actually lives near me.

    How can I ask to see his broker statement?



    Just ask him politely, if he comes up with an excuse not to, then there is something to hide :)

    “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to”
  3. Good answer. But go further. Tell him that he can block his account number.

    I was going to register for an expensive (25K) service. I drove 6 hours to see a guy who claimed he was making a lot of money using the system. The owner of the service was asking " Why are you going to drive so far?". I felt like saying "Hey, I'm spending 25K for the service and not to mention time to study the system. I can spare a 6 hour drive?" I offered the member 1,000 to see his statements. He took my cash and I never saw the statements.

    Although I felt ripped off, it was still the best 1,000 that I spent.
  4. “Hic Rhodus, hic salta!”.......if he can't demonstrate it in real time forget it!

    Geez, you guys spend that kind of money on trading systems? Seriously! :eek:

    And what is a 'trading service' exactly? Training? Signals? System?
  5. Don't get into it.

    If the trading service practice what they preach, they should make money on their own trading. They should be humanitarians and give their secrets away for free or minimal fees.

    Unless in a bear market, the buy and hold strategy works well.
  6. I'll not show you my statements for half that! Bargain!
  7. My 2 cents.
    There are NO trading secrets. Just strategies you haven't yet tried.
    Trading Service. Jeeeeeeez!!!!
    I'm not sure how much longer I can avoid "going bad".
    Karma, that's all...
  8. Fastest way to become a millionaire :) You said you talked to students, which means there are more than one sucker out there who fell for it. 5 suckers is 100k earned, 50 suckers is $1 million earned!:D

    You just gave away $1000 to a random person? HAHAHAHA:p :p :p

    SO many SUCKERS out there in the trading world! It just makes my day thinking about them!:cool:
  9. zdreg


    the $1000 error is a cheap lesson in life which the poster is unlikely to repeat.
    HA!!!is a typical of a yahoo finance chat poster.
  10. Interesting.

    The loser took your money and gave nothing, not even fake statements. He must be on the balls of his ass that cocksucker.
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