how can hotspotfx pays this rate?

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    2,25% interest per month based on 500K$ paid every month that's a huge actualised rate for cash money.

    Let's stop trading and just put the money with them?

    Of course there is the bankrupcy risk but they are a full subsidiary of knight.

    Where is the trick?
  2. Hughe? I get more in my bank account for EUR o/n money from the first cent onwards, and EUR rates are lower than USD. They are actually makeing money on those rates.
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    it is 2,25% per month not per year...........
  4. It says it is payed monthly, not that this is a monthly rate.
    2.25% per month, 12 compounding-steps would result in a yield of about 34% p.a.

    Im sure they dont mean that:)
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    Ok should be that.
    A friend of mine gave me the url saying he get them on the phone and that it was monthly %.

    I told him impossible but he insisted ......
  6. You think that is good, move to Oanda. They pay 4.925%.
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    It is a per annum rate, and money market rate is 5.25% so you're losing money. You should find someone to pay about 5% at least.

    Don't be silly and think someone will pay you 34% per annum no risk LOL.
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  9. to me payme only 8.71 dollars in a month.... i have more than 20k all month:(
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    its true I've seen better
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