how can fed lower with $81 oil and $720 gold?

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    to think they'll lower with everything from wheat,corn to oil and gold going wild in the face of rest of world raising is mind boggling
  2. 25pt reduction
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    bernanke is up shit creep.its dammed if he does and dammed if he doens't.nice to see it after all the crooked shit they'ce done over the years
  4. 25 bp is not going to good enough for wall street to move higher tomorrow ... they may even take and wait & see attitude with no cut imo..
  5. Well, they can..because according to them and BLS, there is no inflation..
    that may well be...

    But they can lower it because they view high energy prices as a tax on the economy...and is justification to add liquidity to the system....
  6. We need a recession to control runaway inflation thats soon to come.

    Its a fine mess and I hope for great opportunities.
  7. Yes...agree 100%..

    I thought the runaway inflation would be here in mid-2007...I guess it'll be in late 2008...
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    thats why recessions are needed. to cool demand for resources and allow things to cool down and allow the building of another cycle
  9. the bigger question: does a US recession cause a global recession? A global recession is necessary to kill commodity demand.

    The US getting increasingly priced out of the commodities market doesn't feel good to us, but maybe its a trend that will continue.
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