How can cramer go on with his show ?

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  1. after Stewart made him look the fool.

    the guy has zero credibility now, who's going to watch his annoying show now?
  2. 1) He never had any credibility

    2) The same idiots who watched him will continue to watch him.
  3. Cramer who ? what show ????? hehehe
  4. sprstpd


    Notice how he implied that he would change his show on the Daily Show interview, but then he goes right back to his usual antics.

    I don't understand who actually watches his show. You hear these callers call in and seem so excited that he buried them in losers. I don't understand where they come from.
  5. I pray he never goes away. More sheeple that follow Cramer, the more fade opportunities.

    Remember, you need dumb money in the market.
  6. harkm


    Stu-stu-stuttering booyay to ya Jim!
  7. I hope you morons understand that stewart had absolutely NO IDEA what he was talking about.

    Having said that, yes, Cramer is an even bigger douche since he is SUPPOSED to know what he's talking about and apparently doesn't.

    That show was the blind leading the blind.

    After that performance, Cramer should consider joining the circus.
  8. Lucrum


    What he said
  9. I can not believe he is not arrested yet

    Where is SEC? Where is common sense? He acknowledged that he did manipulative trading and made fun off SEC in the video.

    Yet he is still alive.

    Wall Street is going to hell because it deserves it.