How can anyone make $ on ebay?

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  1. I'm trying to sell a ps2, but there are over 998 people selling the same thing!.

    I see a lot of people selling items as low as .01!... how do they do this and still make a profit?

    This one guy is selling a PS2, 3 games, and 2 controllers at a current bid at .01

    Selling ANYTHING on e-bay is impossible, how does anyone compete with these prices?

  2. I see completed sales, w/ an assortment of games, in the $250-$600 range.
  3. Early bids mean nothing. Mark a few of them to watch and see where they close at.

  4. Ive heard that, wait till the last minute, standard auction stuff.

    I thought there was a "reserve" price, hidden, no?

    But heres the thing, you want to MAKE money? I thought ebay was just to get rid of shit you dont want, to unfortunate mentally ill hoarders and stuff.

    Ok, maybe im joking.

    Sure ive heard of people getting red hot deals and stuff, BUT, they knew their game to begin with-heard of a guy buys atv's, , fixes em , turns em over for a profit. Not a living, but he has no shortage of atv's.........everyones into this stuff, its weird imo.

    Your selling a Ps2, in a few years they might be wondering why they paid anything for it.

    Your not selling a stradivarius, you know?
  5. Good question...unless whatever you're selling you got for free or close to it, seems like you can not make much.

    They do allow a "reserve" amount which is hidden by the seller, so if no one bids higher than the reserve amount, you do not have to sell your item. But then you still get hit with the Ebay listing fees, most of which they will not refund & you did not sell your item & have to list it again & pay more fees.

    When I tried to sell my car on ebay, it cost me about $120 in ebay fees even after they refunded $40 of it when the winning bidder did not pay. I had to list it twice, the second time with NO RESERVE. $120 to NOT sell my car...THANKS A LOT EBAY. I ended up selling it to a used car dealer which was my last resort.
    Ebay Motors is INFESTED with FRAUD that they can not control. :eek:

    I saw some music CDs which sold for 1 cent, but maybe they make up for it by adding a couple of dollars to the shipping fees they charge you.
    When I emailed them to ask how they can sell music CDs for 1 cent, they told me VOLUME LOL
  6. Here is another thing...when you look at the price items supposedly sold for, that info. is not really valid IMO unless the winner actually PAID....which, in the case of ebay motors, I think a lot of the winners do not pay :mad:
  7. I have actively sold on eBay for the last seven years. Right now, I only use it to get rid of stuff that I no longer want. As it is now, there is no way to make a living on eBay. Large volume sellers are leaving the site because they simply can't afford the auction or store fees. The fees are insanely high (and keep getting higher). I would absolutely hate to try to make a living selling on that site. eBay and paypal fees alone will rape you. Also, you can't sell anything at a decent price. There is always some moron who will sell an identical item at 0.01 + 60.00 s&h. Then you have to deal with deadbeat bidders. There are just too many issues that need to be addressed at eBay. It seems that they have forgotten that sellers make the site.
  8. I used to sell snowboard gear on Flea Bag... they were eating more than 33% of my Gross Profit to sell with listing, final value and paypal fees.

    Yes I got exposure country wide, but, the cost became prohibitive.

    I closed up and don't sell anymore.
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    the biggest money makers on ebay are "FENCERS"....biggest losers are Home depot and Loews which see their products being sold on ebay day and day out at below what they have it in their stores ..fencing is huge on ebay..
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    i stopped posting on ebay a couple years ago when fees were going high, ebay was slowly eliminating reserach to determine who scam sellers/bidders were and paypal was becoming unsafe for bidders AND sellers.

    well, it's gotten lots worse there now. the pure numbers of items is large, but if you do a search on (medved?) you'll see how it fluctuates wildly intraday. that's because of scammers and spammers putting stuff up (without pay) and ebay only getting a very small number of them. that, and newbies putting things up.

    loyal longtime people have just reduced / stopped selling there and there's a limit to how many 'newbies' start selling on ebay.

    btw, since i stopped selling, there is NO outside way to tell if a person is shill bidding on their own items (because of ebay blocks), new users HAVE to sell with paypal...and the latest is the romanian hacker who has gotten into ebay corporate, posted lots of stuff around the site, and ebay has continually lied about what's happened...then he does something to refute the lie, and they say "oh, yeah, that too."
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