How can anybody with sanity and reason trust US politicians?

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  1. From an European point of view, I don´t get it how US politicians are "playing" with such sensitive issues like raising the US debt ceiling. Is this some sort of sado-masochism between Dems and Reps going on or is total detachment from reality???

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  2. The Dems, and especially Odumbo, want to keep "borrowing and spending" to buy votes for the next election... CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED!

    The Repubs are saying, at least on the surface, "borrow and spend" must stop. And NOW better than later.

    We American people don't grasp the consequences of continuing to run up the deficit for social-spending/vote buying... we should be SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER TO NOT RAISE THE DEBT CEILING.... but we sit mostly silent like the brainwashed sheeple we are.

  3. Sounds great.

    Unfortunately, the TP congress critters haven't offered a substantive plan, either. In the absence of leadership ion either side, we get this kabuki farce.

    Complete interview here...the Tea Party folks sure don't seem impressed with Boehner...
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    LMAO. But this isn't the jokes thread.
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    The answer is simple Asusilovic:

    One man- One vote

    When there are more people sitting in the ox cart than who are pulling the ox cart, and the pols dont care which is which because they all vote so they pander to the plurality, whatever the agenda


    You simply have Too many fingers in the pie.


    -welfare grifters, eating bon bons watching Oprah all day

    -to able bodied bums clamoring for medical marijuana for their bad backs @ age 35 even though they go surfing everyday

    - to unending "wars" so the military industrial complex can charge 17$ a meal to use for our service men/women. Per meal

    - to G.E. getting stimulus $ for their bad financial bets but then turning around not only paying a 0% marginal tax rate but getting a refund

    -to unions who advocate "retiring" @ age 50 @ 90% of your salary and 100% of your health care tab picked up by the "private" sector

    -to every other pimp and chimp in Congress running off to Argentina to be with his mistress or sending a picture of his junk to some girl he met Twittering all day

    -to the race baiters saying the illegal aliens not only have a right to college education but a free ride at Harvard on your dime.

    -to gays calling you the bigot if you dont want your children to learn about their greatness in mandated "gay history" month in California schools

    -to every stinking time either side of the aisle votes on something and gets it passed the other sides lawyers tie it up in the courts for 20 years

    -how any time a business man takes a risk and tries to build something 100% of his costs he has to figure for payola to some govt stiff or tree hugger lawyer because a rare frog lives on the land he bought for the building.

    -how half this country pays 0% federal taxes yet wants the other half to pay more

    -How Whirlpool no longer builds in the Midwest but rather Mexico under "free trade" (ie slave labor) and the only reason they arent in China(yet) is because the Chinese dont have sufficient volume sales to offset lower prices AND it costs more to ship washers and dryers from China vs Mexico, so whats a few thousand USA jobs compared to that

    and on and on

    You want something? Help pay for it.

    Then I dont care if you're gay, Haitian, a Bible thumper, Congressman who price is less than the cheapest hooker, or you're the best of breed at Westminister dog show

    No "free" lunch.

    That's the problem. Plus a populace half of whom are working their ass off trying to take care of their families and the other half who buy into the pablum of the pols, when then hell do you have the time to research the issues and see where the $ is really going?

    America is in real trouble.

    Because no one likes to be told that the "free" toothpaste they had been receiving is now going to cost them something and it's only going to be 75% full

    Thats why these jag offs in Congress can get away with the bullcrap. The side the buys into the rhetoric thinks the other side is still going to pay for their toothpaste.

    Good luck!
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    Just how it works here. You have pressure from all different groups and special interests pushing and pulling different directions. Then you have the upcoming election so they are all trying to posture for the best way to keep/get power.

    In the old days, they would all just put out some BS plan and we'd move on. Of course nothing would get fixed, but that's another issue. Now you have 1) the tea-party caucus that is attacking the republican majority in the house from the right, and 2) the hard-core progressives who would chop off their limbs before cutting entitlements, pressuring the moderate democrats from the left.

    There's a reason why most Americans despise politicians in general.