How Can Americans Support Baby Killers?

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  1. Thats my question, marines basically entered into houses shot woman and children in the head. Excecution style. Is this american style freedom and heroism. These men should be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the geneva convention. No wonder the president saids the geneva convention shouldnt be applied in iraq. With reports of marines killing babies, this would be bad politics. Bringing freedom my ass, more like killing babies and children. Its time to bring the boys home and prosecute the murderers. this was cold blooded murder. Can anybody here on ET justify killing children, and babies.
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    I will explain your b.s. when you first explain how some arabs can blow up civiliams of all ages on a routine basis. And how other arab clergy can encourage it. And it is not always jews but Iraqis and and asians and middle easterns in Jordan.

    Do you want to play the whose culture is better game? Perhaps you wish to leave Canada and return to your homeland?
  3. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that Arabs are the worst possible group of people imaginable.

    Okay, how would that possibly justify the actions of Marines killing babies?

    Rather than a rationalization of our wrong actions by pointing to someone else and saying they have done worse, just give us the skinny on how any American could possible support the killing of babies by US soldiers?

    Bush has labeled countries as evil, which I suppose is his way of saying we are good.

    We liberated Iraq...were the people we liberated evil, because Iraq was some supposed member of an axis of evil?

    Okay, then how is that we the good, could possible be responsible for Abu Gharib or such atrocities? Are we made evil by the actions of a few?

    Isn't it just possible that this is not a black and white situation at all, where we are all good, and they are all evil...that many good people can at times act in ways that are considered evil, and the actions of a government are not necessarily the representation of the people who are under their rule.

    This attempt to smear All Americans by the actions of some Marines, or to smear all Iraqis because of the actions of Saddam, etc. doesn't help to foster any sense of goodness at all that I can see....

    What makes situations like Abu Gharib or the actions of the Marines look so bad to the world, is that we have claimed to be the good that is fighting the evil....

  4. Hey americans claim they are there to liberate iraq, bring in democracy. Is killing babies bringing in democracy? Like I said, these men should be brought to the hague for violating war crimes. And possibly sentenced to death or life in prison.

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    I am guessing you have never being outside USA. Why not go to some of these wonderful Islamic countries like Iran or Saudi and express your opinions freely, it might be a learning experience.
  6. Yes, visit Saudi Arabia, and don't forget to bring your Bible. Bring a few extra copies for the locals too- I hear there's a bit of a shortage of Christian holy texts out there.

    If a group of U.S. marines committed war crimes, I condemn those individuals. I'm sure the vast majority of their fellow marines feel the same way as I do.
  7. Take your straw man elsewhere.

    I don't apply Islamic law or Islamic custom to the manner in which we and our military behaves, nor is it relevant to our laws and our behavior. Our principles are not based on what others do, but what we do, and the values we claim to embrace.

    We claim to be a civilized country, and a lack of civilization around the world is not an excuse for us to act in an uncivilized manner.


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    But I thought the marines were being investigated and might even be charged? Isn't that the right thing to do?
  9. Roberk Im in Canada,and people here support my ideas. In fact a majority of canadians do. Everybody here thinks and it is the fact america went to war in iraq over false pretenses. The only objective was for oil. and that was a flop. Now all the americans are doing in iraq are murdering children and woman. This is america's modern day My Lai. Just wait till you have pictures of execution style murder of little girls in their pajamas leaked into the news. You have to admit there is no plausable explanation for that. I just cant wait for the trial when you have dozen of men trying to explain their actions and why they tried to cover it up. They should be given to the hague immediately for war crimes.

  10. Have you taken a scientific poll to prove that people in Canada support your ideas? That majority of Canadians do?
    Can you give us proof of this?
    Or did you just extrapolate the results of the polls you have been initiating here on ET to proclaim support for your asinine ideas?
    Funny how we here on ET never hear you condemning atrocities being committed by Islamic extremists against their own people. You know, things like beheadings, kidnappings, suicide bombings, summary executions, etc.
    Which begs the question - do you cry "foul" only when brutality is committed by Americans? Do you really care about your fellow ragheads? Or does your blind hatred of Americans distort any sense of normal reasoning left in your brain?
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