How can a trader find funding?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Tuppy, Jan 21, 2010.

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    For the last few hours I've been searching threads to learn how traders can find funding. I found around 50 threads where someone said they had a good system and wanted to be funded. The advice was always the same; establish a track record.

    But what if a trader already has a good track record, on Collective2 for example? Is there anyone who would pay him for his signals? What should he do next?

  2. ??? - if you have a "good" track record, with good stats and have been around long enough, then charge a subscription fee. Isn't that the point of the site?

    If people aren't subscribing, then your system is not what you think, and you are self-deceived. This is the case probably 95+% of the time. A paper traded account does not really mean much, and the "developer" is confused about "good track record."


    If you have a good track record surely you've booked some decent profits, correct? If not, then why not? Any "system" that works consistently generates good solid profits.

    If you can't find funding then start small yourself. If your system is as good as you imply you'll grow your account over time and not need funding from outsiders.
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    with sarcasm and videos.