how can a piece of garbage like $teum trade the float

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  1. in minutes?

    unless 99% of it was manipulated wash trades

    i get no one here is hip enough to understand that , no les have an answer . consider it a rhetorical ?
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  2. now almost double the float.

    yep. you da man!
  3. zdreg


    who is is the lead market maker?
  4. ps, the ltea short is working really nice
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  5. ubia destroyed

    edit, dropped ANOTHER 10% after my post.

    yes, yes indeed
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  6. damn, went from shortable to RED (no shorts, dont even ask) on IB late in the day

    IB must thinks its a scam and subject to the SOES mafia ripping it so high they cant cover your bad short
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    Ya know Soes.... I realize you try very hard to convince us all that are a trading god.... but you make these calls on stocks that get halted intraday for whatever reason ( .,... and then re-visit them in a few days after they have moved in whatever direction the halt kicked in for... and act like you told us prior to the move.
    Thats not a trading god.... thats more like the title character in my beloved holiday flick "The Wizard of Oz".

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  8. I dont even look at such things on the listed exchanges . there is no lead afaic
  9. two smart white guys, neither a drooling metrosexual, just said bitcoin was worthless
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    Pump and dump
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