How Bush went from hero to zero in the eyes of Cheney

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  1. Memoir to be published by Cheney tells all. It was delight that turned to contempt.


    "In his memoirs, Mr Cheney will make clear "doubts about the main channels of American policy during the last few years," John Hannah, his foreign policy adviser during the second Bush term, told The Post. Personal factors also contributed to the growing distance between the two men. Mr Cheney was dismayed when Mr Bush forced his old friend and mentor Donald Rumsfeld out of the Pentagon in 2006. At the time he described the departing Mr Rumsfeld as the "finest" Secretary of Defence in history – not a widely-shared view.

    Later, Mr Cheney was even more upset by Mr Bush's refusal when he left office to grant a pardon to the vice-president's former chief of staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby, convicted of perjury in 2007 for leaking the name of a CIA operative. After his impassioned appeals were rejected, Mr Cheney reportedly accused Mr Bush of "abandoning" an innocent man, likening it to "leaving a soldier on the battlefield.""
  2. Here is a joke I just came up with this.

    Question: How do you confuse a liberal?

    Answer: Tell them Bush and Cheney are in a fight and they have to choose a side.
  3. That says it all . . .

    Cheney calling Rumsfeld the "finest" Secty of Defense in history . . . :D

    Wasn't this the man that said that but for a "few dead-enders" we will be out of Iraq in 6 months???

    What a freaking moron.
    He couldn't even go Quail hunting without
    shooting his buddy in the face, neck, and chest.



    Will someone please put this moron in a cell somewhere and throw away the keys? He's been enough of an embarrassment to the USA as it is.
  4. First you seriously wished for someone to actually kill Cheney and then you edited your orginal post and now you are just hoping for someone to put him in a cell somewhere.

    You mind taking a maturity test for me because I would love to learn the mindset of a person who is willing to wish DEATH on someone merely because they disagree politically.

    Talk about having issues...
  5. It was clear that Cheney's doctrine was cast-iron strength at all times - never apologise, never explain..."

    I've always admired that trait, forces you to think or the reasons will become clear later if you're around long enough. Too much wishy washy in today's world., being in touch with the feminie side of life, screw that, can't get mothing done and if you do it takes forever because you're in a meeting explaining everthing and comforting tears cause someone's feeling are hurt. Have a gd twinkie world.
  6. Illum


    Gates is 2x Rumsfoker. Shinseki told Rummy we needed more troops and was silenced. Tell me Ms. ex Secretary of Defense, since when do you and your paper pushing neo freaks know more than a General? Powell told Bush, if you break it you own it. Also eluding to the fact, you cant just smart bomb the place and expect it to work out. Sooner Cheney shuts up the better. Bush figured it out, but way too late. Bush also figured something else out that Cheney should take heed of. He is being quiet. Nixon "like" quiet. You are not an elder statesman. You were barbaric, go away now.
  7. Cheney had incredible "resolve" when his tail was not in danger. Truly great leaders can recognize their mistakes and change their minds.
  8. Haha...that's funny. Tell us more.
  9. Some people make the world a better place by their removal and some people make the world a better place by their addition. Who those people are is where everyone differs, but the notion is pretty much airtight reasoning. And, politics is never just politics, if they are for you then your convictions aren't really that deep.
  10. this proves that bush was his own man who made his own decisions, a truly great president.
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