how big is your checking account, and what is your net worth?

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  1. i have zero assets, and maybe 2-3k in cash.

    its hard to quantify my debt, because i refuse to actually do any accounting but i think i have something like 30k in student loans.

    i am actually a good trader, but i wasnt able to make a living with a 50k account(not my money). i had a job on wall st that paid $18/hr but i made more money cleaning golf clubs in high school.

    in vegas ive played 25-50 poker and won a 10k pot, ive bet $1000 on the color red at a roulette table and lost. i bought a pair of $400 gucci tennis shoes before. ive drank cristal from a red solo cup. i was short ES on may 6th from 1145 but closed my position for only 20 points. i won 20k in one day from a 1500 in a penny stock that i forgot the fucking symbol, but im sure doesnt exist anymore. ive been arrested for stupid shit on the basis of vodka. ive dated a playboy playmate, and 2 other models.

    i get more satisfaction from short positions. i dont believe in fundamental analysis. as an economist it was a trill to have a 2mm position short EUR for a few seconds once. that was the largest exposure i have ever carried.

  2. Compulsive - behavior which a person does compulsively—in other words, not because they want to behave that way, but because they feel they have to do so.....oh I forgot, that is me

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    You dated a playboy playmate!!! who was she? Got any tips on how to hook up with one?
  4. it was a random wednesday night at a local bar, the girl was (dressed down).. sweater, no makeup, basically pretty conservative. she was still really cute, but on any other day.. her outfits make people stare, and it would be impossible to actually meet her.

    we started chatting and i guess she liked the fact that i wasnt intimidated. this was about 2 years ago and i dated her for a few months until her career really blew up and she went hollywood literally.

    she is in the dec issue of playboy magazine "Hanging with Hef"

    the fact of the matter is that you need to have alot of money to really date these girls.. i was the boyfriend that she would call on saturday telling me she was spending the day on a "friends boat". i was willing to accept her lifestyle and the people she was around and just didnt get jealous. my tip on dating hot girls is that there is a thin line between caring and being jealous. i like to push the line of i dont give a shit.. and i guess they like that.
  5. OTC, your savings account has more in it than 80% of American's.

    Not only have I had a few run's with Playmates, I rocked the Playboy Masion from 03-07...with some deep and groovy Techno music along side some of the best rock bands in the world....the party is called ROCK THE PLAY BOY MANSION and is sponsered by my boy Josh of BLACKDRAGON ENTERTAINMENT.

    With that said...I have also had a few Penthouse friends, and the Penthouse Parties trumpt the Mansion in area of Crazy, while the Mansion parties trumpt in Classy People. What do you expect when the Mansion is on Sharing Cross in BH and the Penthouse parties are in Hills off Sunset.
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    Ahhh, Crystal champagne.

    Possibly the worlds number one tool to transfer money from dumb wannabees to the smart :)

    And you drank it from a red cup whatever the hell that is. Does it taste better that way, and are you ripped off any more on the price?
  7. Crystal champagne.

    Is far from the best champagne and only idiot hip hop clowns and Wana be rollers drink Crystal. FYI
  8. its cristal champagne, dom perignon costs less and tastes better IMO.

    yes, its way more ganster to drink the most expensive retail champagne out of degenerate plastic cups.

    i guess the point of this thread is just a reflection about what it means to be a career trader. im not bragging, i know very well that a 1k poker chip is nothing. everything in life has a price and a value.

    the greatest trill in life is floating a huge gamma position, $200 a tick is intense exposure for someone broke. my life experience so far has prepared me to (have the mental fortitude to accept huge gains). i am a trader and if i ever become rich it will be because of a good bet.
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    one day when i get the courage i might just make a post like this.. :D but it'd be hard for me to put some of my experiences in writing where it might be seen by the wrong group of people...
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    OTC, you sound young and not too dissimilar to me when I was younger. It sounds like maybe it's time for you to grow up. Get a job. Get two if you have to. Work, save and make better choices with your money. If you're a good trader now, you'll still be a good trader in 5 years when your better capitalized.
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