how big is a bloomberg terminal?

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  1. sorry should have posted it below. how big is a bloomberg terminal and can you take it on vacation ect...?
  2. A computer with key board and two monitors!

    i have heard that some have a bloomberg to go software package that they keep on their laptop!
  3. It's very large and requires a pallet to maintain portability. I suggest the ACME model 17 oak-pallet, as pine is for pikers.
  4. Aok


  5. LOL!!!!!!!!
  6. You don't need the Bloomberg monitors to use the service you can load the software in a laptop if you want.

    I'm almost positive Bloomberg to go is a web based version

  7. Mr. Finch is correct, the whole assembly requires a forklift to move. So if you intend to become a subscriber, you will need to obtain a forklift operator's license, and a specialty insurance policy, as the chasis (of the bloomberg) is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor. In addition, if you plan to move the unit by truck (too heavy for a car) you will need a flag car service to follow along behind you, so that you don't hold up traffic during your moves.

    Good luck with that

  8. c'mon man,it was a serious question. yeah you need a crane to carry it into an office,lol.real funny.haha. now back to the friggin question.
  9. Your question was answered....don't they teach you how to read up der in the da hood?
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    yes, runs on a laptop
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