how big are your stops for YM and ES?

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  2. YM about 15 pts on avg. Dont trade the ES
  3. whats your target? I usually use 10-12 points for YM and 4-5 points for the ES, any particular reason that you don't like the ES other than the $12.5 tick?
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    Not a set amount.
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    Is there any reason that you use 4 times the stop range on the ES compared to the YM?

    I'm guessing you day trade YM and swing the ES.
  6. ES points are bigger than YM points, 1 YM point = 5$$ 1 ES point = 12.5$$
  7. 1:2 OCO usually. ( 1 point stop, 2-3 point limit sell) ........I then use a .25 trail for every .25 uptick.

    AKA once I have a 1 point profit, my stop will be at even.

    I scalp the ES.

    Depending upon the breakout I will adjust my sell point if needed.
  8. Don't trade the YM. Trade the NQ and DAX in a discretionary manner for fun and to keep the eye in so to speak. My bots trade the ES (+ other SIFS excluding the YM). Proprietary risk measure determines stop levels. Position sizing is then adjusted accordingly. HTH.
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    I think you meant to say your stop loss is 4-5 ticks on the ES?
  10. I don't trade YM, but here are my stops anyway:

    ES 1.5
    ER2 1.5 (I trade this in half the size I trade ES).

    CL 30 cents
    ZG 1.5
    currencies 20 pips.
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