How bad will the recession get???

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How bad will the recession get???

  1. Worse than the Great Depression

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  2. It will be bad, but America will come out stronger.

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  3. We will get out, but the long run is very uncertain.

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  4. Undicided.

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  1. How bad will the recession get??? According to our leaders it will get a lot worse.
    1- It won’t be worse than the great depression because there has not been a contraction in the money supply like it happened in the 1930's.
    2-Our "debt system" is overloaded. Americans and corporations are unable to get more debt as they find themselves hard to meet their interest payments .......sometimes even to get loans for PAYROLL.
    3-Despite high balances of debt for the US, States and local governments.......they will be the only ones able to absorb debt and invest in construction works all over America.
    The current crisis won’t be as bad as the great depression. However, under the present monetary system only government will be able to get us out.
    The loophole is that this is only a short run way out of the crisis..........what is for sure is that America's economy will never be the same.
  2. Check it out before they remove it, from the NRCC

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    What recession? The Bush Boom is alive and well. Long live El Presidente.

    Meanwhile, market expects Q4 GDP -5.5%. :p
  3. The simple fact that we are comparing today's problems with the Great Depression is compelling testimony that we are indeed spoiled rotten. Nothing like a financial crisis to uncover the misdeeds of our politicians and business leaders. I only worry that the current circumstances will subside before lessons are learned. Another couple years of recession will hurt, no doubt, but in the end, not only will we recover from it, but we will be stronger because of it.

    [speaker now steps down from soapbox]
  4. At this point the recession could only get worse.

    We are looking at more and more economic data which is showing no positive news for us to see the end of this crisis.

    The horrible decision that our leaders made was to let Lehman go belly up. I am sure the effects of that decision will be felt for a very long time.
  5. What are the chances Obama will have 16 straight quarters of negative GDP?
  6. talknet


  7. With the politicos massaging the data before releasing "official" numbers?

    Absolutely ZERO!
  8. So bad, you might just see grown men cry after losing their business or long term corporate career. This big ass BBQ sandwich we're getting served ain't gonna help either.
  9. support your argument.

  10. whaaaa this fake recession is so painful with GOOG and RIMm surging.
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