How bad is the slippage at IB?

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  1. Someone called them the "slippage king." Is this true? Which firm has good rep for low slippage in futures?
  2. How bad is the slippage at IB?

    Fallen and can't get up.
  3. I'm going to try IB out. If the slippage is bad, then really it's not worth the low commissions.
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    what do you mean by slippage? are you using market orders?
  5. If one is in a hurry to get out or get in, yeah, it would be market executions. Anything worse than the bid/ask I see on my screen for market orders would be slippage.
  6. Been trading there 10 years. Never had any slippage....
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    7 years, no problems.

    Some people will complain about anything.
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    Sometimes I give market orders to IB on liquid instruments and I always get a fair fill.

    Over 10 years I do not remember e v e r being disappointed about an IB fill.

    Once in a while I even got better fills then what I expected.

    Electronic trading is quite fair when compared to human brokering, take this from a former floor trader.

    Today data streams are fast, commissions are reasonable and markets liquid so traders just beginning should remove this from the list of items they focus on and move on...

  9. I have never heard anyone using that expression with IB. On the contrary, i have heard many people pleased with execution, including myself.

    It depends on what you mean by "slippage".

    I trade automatically with lmt orders and all orders are executed promptly at the lmt price or better.

    If you place mkt orders (or orders converted to mkt), you are asking the mkt to make the price, which has little to do with the broker.

  10. Is the OP used to fx bucket shops that are market makers and not a real broker between you and the exchange?
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